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    • Faber Castell 120 Colour Tin Of Polychromos Coloured Pencils
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    • Faber Castell 120 Colour Tin Of Polychromos Coloured Pencils
    • Faber Castell 120 Colour Tin Of Polychromos Coloured Pencils

    Faber Castell 120 Colour Tin Of Polychromos Coloured Pencils

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    Buy online and save! For a limited time. Our best coloured pencil. Polychromos artists' pencils are valued internationally by artists for their unsurpassed quality. The high quality of the Polychromos coloured pencils shine through no matter their use.

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      Polychromos Colour Pencil Tin of 120: Exceptional Quality for Artists

      Polychromos artists' pencils, renowned for their exceptional quality, are the top choice for professionals and semi-professionals worldwide. Faber-Castell's high-quality standards are evident in these pencils, making them perfect for graphic work, artistic freestyle, and precise plan renditions. Each pencil in this tin of 120 is crafted to deliver superior performance, vibrant colours, and durability, ensuring they meet the demands of any artistic project.

      Key Features and Benefits:

      1. High-Quality Acid-Free Pigments: The Polychromos pencils use high-quality, acid-free pigments that produce bright, vibrant colours. These pigments offer unsurpassed lightfastness, ensuring your artwork remains vivid and resistant to fading over time.

      2. Soft, Vibrant Colour Laydown: Polychromos pencils provide a soft and smooth colour laydown, making them ideal for blending and layering. The rich, vibrant colours enhance any piece of artwork, adding depth and dimension.

      3. Water-Resistant and Smudge-Proof: The water-resistant and smudge-proof formulation of these pencils ensures that your artwork stays clean and crisp. This feature is particularly valuable for detailed and precision work.

      4. Thick 3.8 mm Lead: The thick 3.8 mm lead in each Polychromos pencil offers excellent coverage and durability. The robust lead resists breaking and provides consistent colour application, even with heavy use.

      5. High Break Resistance: Thanks to the secural bonding process (SV), the leads in Polychromos pencils are highly resistant to breakage. This durability means fewer interruptions and less waste, making these pencils a reliable choice for any artist.

      6. Comprehensive Tin of 120 Colours: This set includes a comprehensive range of 120 colours, providing artists with a vast palette to explore and create. Whether you need subtle shades or bold hues, this tin has everything you need to bring your artistic visions to life. Endeavours & ThinkPlay sells replacements for the full line of Faber Castell Polychromos pencils. 

      Advantages of Oil-Based Pencils:

      Polychromos pencils are oil-based, offering several advantages over wax-based pencils. The oil-based core provides a smooth, creamy application, allowing for seamless blending and layering without the waxy buildup that can cause a bloom. This results in rich, vibrant colours with a consistent finish. Additionally, the oil-based formulation ensures greater durability and resistance to breakage, making these pencils ideal for detailed work and prolonged use. Artists benefit from the enhanced control and precision, as the oil-based lead maintains its integrity under pressure, allowing for fine lines and intricate details. Moreover, Polychromos pencils' oil-based composition contributes to their excellent lightfastness, ensuring that artwork remains vivid and vibrant over time, making them a preferred choice for professional artists seeking long-lasting, high-quality results.

      Why Choose Polychromos Pencils at Endeavours & ThinkPlay?

      At Endeavours & ThinkPlay, we believe that Polychromos pencils are the best choice for artists seeking quality and versatility. These oil-based, highly pigmented pencils are soft, blendable, and sharpen effortlessly, unlike some other brands like Prismacolour. While the white Polychromos pencil is more transparent and excellent for blending, we recommend adding an opaque white pencil, such as the Derwent White Artist pencil, for complete coverage. Combined, these pencils offer unparalleled performance and satisfaction.

      Best Place to Buy in Canada:

      For those in Fredericton, NB, Canada, the best place to purchase the Polychromos Colour Pencil Tin of 120 is at Endeavours & ThinkPlay. This local business offers competitive prices, excellent customer service, and a dedication to providing top-quality art supplies. Additionally, Endeavours & ThinkPlay offers free Canadian on this item making it convenient and affordable to get your hands on these exceptional pencils.

      Order Your Polychromos Colour Pencil Tin of 120 Today:

      Elevate your artistic projects with the Polychromos Colour Pencil Tin of 120, renowned for their unmatched quality and performance. Purchase your set from Endeavours & ThinkPlay in Fredericton, NB, Canada, and experience the superior quality that professional artists worldwide rely on. Enjoy the convenience of free Canadian shipping on this set and receive your pencils quickly and efficiently. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enhance your art with these outstanding coloured pencils. Order now and take your artistic creations to the next level with Polychromos artists' pencils!

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